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Antwerp Appetizertour
"A Vlaaike in the Vlaeykensgang?"

- Well yes.

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • From 10 to 20 people
  • From (minimum) 10 people - €49 p.p.
    For < 10 people there is a fixed price of €490

Discovering the city is much more fun with a few snacks and drinks in between!

That's why this tour is really something for foodies and culture lovers. We discover the highlights of Antwerp under the guidance of an experienced, fun guide, and in between we take the time to sample what the city has to offer.

Discover the delights that Antwerp has to offer! Champagne beer, Antwerp 'handjes' & chocolates, Elixir d' Anvers, sodden sausages and the Antwerp city beer Bolleke De Koninck. All this in the heart of the old center.

In addition to the tasting, we will also show you the city. Classic highlights, hidden places, modern monuments, beautiful street art and strong stories and legends color the walk between the various tasting stops. All this accompanied by a passionate, friendly city guide.

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Street Art & Street food

"Some of the murals blew me off my socks. Not to mention the snacks."

  • 3 hours
  • From 10 to 25 people
  • From (minimum) 10 people - €49 p.p.
    For < 10 people there is a fixed price of €490

Forget Rubens, Jordaens and Van Dyck for a moment (but not for too long 🙂).

Discover street art in the city with us. Walking the streets, you can see that Antwerp is still today a real city of art. In recent years, Antwerp has seen the addition of an awful lot of beautiful examples of street art. From the very large to small examples that you just walk past, and everything in between.

And what fits better with street art than street food? During the walk take 3 stops for an exotic snack that we just eat 'on the road'.