Make it super cozy in the world's most charming city

Pub crawl

Like a local, trendy locations

  • 2 hours
  • Per guide from 6 to 20 people
  • From (minimum) 6 people - €49 p.p.

Discover the beer cafes where the Antwerp locals and yuccies "young urban creatives," taste their special beer!!! We start at the entrance of the MAS and discover the trendy district het Eilandje, proclaimed as one of the 10 most trendy neighborhoods in Europe.

Around the old docks we find the local cafes in the bustling north of the city. Where once the dock workers found their entertainment, now the Antwerp locals enjoy a delicious Belgian beer.
During our beer tour, the beer expert/guide will tell you all about the brewing process and an overview about different types of Belgian beers.

To get everyone in the mood, 3 tasting beers (1 per pub) are included in the price of this tour.

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Pub crawl

Folk cafes in Sint-Andries quarter

  • 2 hours
  • Per guide from 6 to 20 people
  • From (minimum) 6 people - €49 p.p.

One of our enthusiastic beer experts will guide you through this picturesque neighborhood and tell you juicy stories and anecdotes about this popular neighborhood known as "the Parish of Misery". Zotte Rik, zatte Nel, Mie Citroen and Mie Trottinet, .... will all be explained.

Folk characters who used to live in this neighborhood. Poor people, dockworkers, bag sewers, coffee bean wives and hawkers.
Fun is guaranteed

Tasting is even better than listening, so 3 tasting beers (1 per café) are included in the price of this walk.

Pub crawl

Centre of Antwerp

  • 2 hours
  • Per guide from 6 to 20 people
  • From (minimum) 6 people - €49 p.p.

This walk starts and ends in the historic center of Antwerp and takes 2 hours. We take you along 3 typical Antwerp cafes where you get a nice overview about beer, the brewing process and the different types of beer.

You will be guided by an enthusiastic beer expert/top guide who will teach you all kinds of interesting facts.

But tasting is better than listening and so 3 tasting beers are included in the price of this tour.

Antwerp Brewing Company


  • 3 uur
  • Per guide from 8 to 20 people
  • From (minimum) 8 people - €50 p.p.

This tour starts at the entrance of the MAS and finishes in the Antwerp Brouw Compagnie.

For 2 hours we will explore 'the Island', the old docks and the Cadix neighborhood. In the 19th century this was a lively harbor district and today one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Europe. We pass by 2 typical cafes for a beer.

We end at the Antwerp Brewing Company where the SEEF beer is made.

Our beer expert will take you into the brewery. No museum, no flashy animation screens and movies, but discover up close how things really work in a brewery. From malting to fermentation.

You also get the fascinating story about the history of SEEF beer.

In the brewery a beer tasting is included.

Antwerp Brewing Company

With the TukTuk

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Per guide from 4 to 12 people
  • From (minimum) 4 people - €69 p.p.
  • For 1-3 people a fixed price of €276 applies.

With our E-Tuks we explore Historic Antwerp, Antwerp North with its trendy Eilandje, the MAS and we end at the Antwerp Brewing Company for a guided tour with a beer expert.

A real experience for those who want to explore Antwerp in a different way and who want to know everything about brewing SEEF beer.

1,5 hour E-tuktuk tour + 1 hour brewery visit, including a SEEF beer.

One of our top tours and highly recommended!